BikeRail maximizes space efficiency by minimizing the distance between bikes when stored. While traditional storage methods, such as  ceiling hangers and wall hooks work well for single bikes, accommodating multiple bikes typically requires leaving space around each for accessibility, meaning bikes must be spaced at least 350mm-400mm apart at varying heights.

Even with folding and articulating systems that improve access, there are still limits on how closely bikes can be stored together. BikeRail addresses this problem by using rotation, sliding, and overlapping mechanisms, allowing for bike spacings as close as 160mm, meaning your bikes occupy the least amount of storage space possible.

Additionally, included spacers can be added to increase spacing by up to 20mm on each side for wider bikes or if you prefer to keep them more separated.


BikeRail stands out from other bike storage options with its rotating hooks and sliding trolley. Bike moving is made simple with the sliding trolley; simply unhook the bike you need to move and you're ready to go.

Every hook is made to hold 35 kg of weight, while each standard mounted single section of rail can accommodate up to 140kg, making it more than capable of handling even robust e-bikes!


Experience the ease of loading your bike with just a little lift. Our range of mounting options ensures that you have choices tailored to your preference. Enjoy a seamless loading and unloading process, designed to enhance your overall bike handling experience.


Easy bike hanging is ensured by the BikeRail Bike Hook's spring-lock mechanism, which stops the hook from moving when the bike is not loaded. Adults of all ages may use this design, regardless of their strengths and capabilities. The system automatically disengages when the bike is loaded, enabling smooth rotation and sliding.


Unlike typical systems that need individual installations, the BikeRail single Kit can handle up to 4 bikes, which speeds up the installation process. You can easily set up your bike storage solution by simply screwing the BikeRail to your supporting structure using the high-quality bolts that included with your kit, putting the hooks into the rail, and hanging your bikes.


Your family grows, and the BikeRail expands with it. Our hooks are suitable with various bike types and sizes, so you can add more rail sections and hooks as needed. You also don't need to replace your hooks simply because you switched bikes.


We believe that it is the responsibility of manufacturers to take into account the lifetime and environmental effects of the items they make. Our hardware is all made in INDIA, and any part may be easily replaced with basic hand tools.

We are dedicated to more than just creating a product with ethical design. We only use recycled cardboard and no plastic or cello-tape in our packing. We recommend that you compost or recycle this at home.


To ensure endurance, our BikeRail is manufactured in India using premium materials. Stainless steel and premium aluminum alloys are all that we use in our products; competitors can use inferior metals that easily corrode. This means that your BikeRail will continue to look great even after ten years.

Plus, if any part wears out, you can find replacements on our website. We sell directly to customers, offering the best product quality and technical support.

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