It all started with the issue of storing my 2 bikes. I have spent most of my life in riding and enjoying bicycles. Riding for enjoyment, different levels of racing, office commute, and personal transportation. They've been and will always be a part of my life, even if they're difficult to store!

Life changed when I had a family. Both of us carried on riding and had fun. Where her bike has been added. Our three bikes are not able to be stored in our house. I just checked YouTube if they had a way to store the N+ bike option. There are multiple choice I viewed, but the better one is on the channel "Joy of Bike" ULTIMATE BIKE RACK SYSTEM. MORE BIKES. LESS SPACE. Moving forward, I continued my search around the market and found some of systems, but a few of them are pricey and a few are hard to use.

With more than ten years of experience as a professional automation design engineer. I thought, Why can't we develop this into a product? I spend a year on developing and use the system. Subsequently, I refined my idea, released new parts, conducted extensive testing, and eventually we built the solid system.  Designed with the goal of giving individuals like myself access to the greatest vertical bike storage solutions. No compromises in design, manufacturing, quality standards, aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

I love biking and believe in its physical and mental health benefits. I want more people to enjoy biking without storage hassles. So, I offer a dependable vertical bike storage system as a smart solution. My aim is to free people from storage problems and let them live an active life with ease, whether at home or work.

Embrace the freedom of an active lifestyle without worrying about where to store your bike.

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