Our design process begins with creativity and innovation at its core. We collaborate closely with our team of experienced designers to develop concepts that are not only visually appealing but also functional and practical.

Through careful consideration of user experience and market trends, we create designs that stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

Manufacturing and testing

Every piece of hardware that is released from the manufacturer undergoes a thorough quality, durability, and safety inspection. Our dedicated team does everything , including mechanical stress testing, environmental simulations, and 100% hand assembly with a precise operating sequence.

Our confidence in superior quality is shown by our two-year, no-questions-asked warranty.


All of our hardware items are manufactured in Tamilnadu, INDIA and assembled in our factory in Chennai.

We manufacture as much as we can in-house to control quality and production processes, and then outsource specific skills to quality local suppliers with in 25 Km radius. Our supply chain is short and geographically tight to ensure we can meet the demands of customers and maintain reactiveness without incurring high volume Co2 impactful shipping from abroad.


You purchase directly from us, the manufacturer of the product. It’s one of the ways we keep our prices affordable while offering a better product than other companies.

We eliminate the middlemen and have in-depth knowledge of the items, so you receive superior technical assistance. Want to ask us a question, just pick up the phone or email.

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